hi, i'm ilango 👋

senior software engineer at rocketium

past: junior frontend developer at infratab

building easyauth

blog: coming soon!


Work In Progress

Authentication and user management platform for everyone, zero code required.

React Alignment Guides

Smart guides system for Rocketium's video preview.

  • Built from scratch with React
  • Almost no external dependencies
  • Published to NPM

My Stoic Journal

A small app that helps you adopt Stoic philosophy as a way of life. This is done by keeping a daily journal where you reflect on your day and write down your thoughts for the questions.

  • Built with Coda
  • Built for Product Hunt's Maker Festival No-Code Edition


A super simple Webpack configuration wizard. DotConfig can generate the Webpack configuration files after choosing the required options.

  • 212 upvotes on Product Hunt
  • 250+ code bundles generated till date
  • Built live on Twitch in 2 weekends