I am a Full Stack Developer. I love coding. I love new technologies, especially web. I love learning new things.

Right now, I'm working at Rocketium, an online video creation platform, as a Senior Software Engineer. I work with JavaScript most times. I'm working with Node.js, MongoDB, ReactJS, Redux and ES6.

My goal for this year is to build and ship side projects and try to generate revenue from them. I've already launched DotConfig. And just for fun, I built an app called My Stoic Journal using Coda. I'm currently working on EasyAuth, an easy to use, zero-code authentication and user management platform.

I'm also learning how to write high-performance code and building reliable, scalable, high-performance systems.

I like picking things apart and seeing how they work. Not always good at putting them back together.

I used to design interfaces and I'm decent at it. I've a good eye for details and it puts a smile on my face when a design comes together in code.

When I'm not coding, I play games and read.