Someone I know, recently quit Instagram. When asked why, she said not scrolling through the feed made her anxious. She felt like she was missing the latest thing as life sped by. I know how she felt. I quit all 3 major Facebook owned products — Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp — a few months back. I thought I'll miss them but I don't. I even thought of getting back on Instagram but I slept on it and didn't feel the need to the next day.

I'm still on Twitter and I don't think that'll change. I don't feel the FOMO with Twitter. I've turned off all notifications, email and push. I don't feel like I have to know everything that's happening on Twitter. That's just me, though. On the contrary, I feel a lot better without using social media.

Zombie Mode. Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

It's an ongoing epidemic. The social networks of our time is making us unhappy and anxious. Infinite scrolls, pull to refresh, likes count are holding us hostage while they chip away at your brain. We're unfocused all the time, we're entitled because of all the "perfect lives" we see on Instagram and think, "Why is that not me?".

What they don't want you to know is that the way you feel is not an accident. Social media is engineered to make you feel anxious when you're not on it. What's more, even when you're off it, you're a walking beacon of data. While you're scrolling away, data is being collected about you. This data is then being used by various "analytics" companies to show you targetted ads. At least that's one of the least harmful ways your data is being used.