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What is The Responsible Dev?

Lately it’s becoming  increasingly common to see software companies popping up with questionable practices. Whether it’s the company culture, the product  itself, the behaviour of the founders and employees, software and tech in general is being used to take advantage of sections of society and even entire populations.

That is what I want to address with The Responsible Dev. The Responsible Dev is a biweekly newsletter where I'll write essays about responsible and ethical software  engineering practices, how you can build software that doesn't make your users the product, dark patterns and designing/building for humans.

Why am I doing this?

Well, it's something that I've been thinking about for a while now.  As a software engineer, I  believe that technology and software should help people. And in a lot of cases it does and we'll continue to see startups building new technologies that make a positive impact in the  world.

With the advent of the personal computer and the internet, numerous companies have been started to build products. We use a lot of them on a daily basis. Our livelihood and even our lives depend on it.

But what if the app you're using decides to share data with another company? We walk around with device(s) that runs our lives. Do you know what sort of data it collects about you? Do you know who can access it? Do you know how it's being used?

The systems that take advantage of our data, our lives and livelihoods are built by engineers. Sure, a lot of  these decisions are out of our control. Uber engineers built an amazing  platform but it's being used to take advantage of their own drivers. Facebook engineers built the platform that harvested the personal data of millions of users, data that wasn't even properly protected.

As developers we have a responsibility to our fellow humans. We can choose to write software that doesn't bring harm to others. You can make the  choice of not to make the users your product.

Every 2 weeks I’ll send out an essay on responsible and ethical  software engineering. I don’t claim to be an expert in this subject. In  fact, I have no clue what I’m doing. What I do know is this: I want to  build software that makes a positive impact without trading off on my  principles and values for monetary or other gains. I want to inspire  developers and makers to do this. I want to tip the scales in favour of  building thoughtful things by being mindful of how it’ll be used in the  wild. I want to help software engineers to come up with well thought out  systems and help them implement it for their product, company and  culture.

I do hope you take away something useful from this work. If it does, please drop in a note. If you’re interested in this subject, have feedback or anything else, feel free to DM me on Twitter. If you like any of the essays, I would humbly request you to sign up and to share this newsletter.